We at Townsip, understand that buying a house can be worrisome and time taking. With multiple determinants to go wrong such as construction quality, water and electricity supply, road accessibility, RERA registration, neighborhood, legal and financial aspects, it takes an enormous amount of time and resources to finalize the home of your choice. Townsip takes care of all of these determinants, so that you can just invest your time in planning your “Housewarming”.

Our Story

The founder of Townsip, Ravi Kumar along with Advisory board member, Ankush Tiwari are entrepreneurs who have previously founded Udchalo and Mobiliya, respectively. A demanding job comes with a stringency of time. Having realized that, both of them thought to make the process of settling down easier. More so, for the Government sector as they are the backbone of our country. The idea of Townsip, is to assist Government sector employees find their homes in a locality with similar minded people and in the most hassle-free manner.

Matching their lifestyle

  • Find a home matching the kind of homes they have been used to in their Government lives
  • Find a community which provides similar facilities they are used to
  • Similar neighbours

Trust & Logistics

  • Trusting the builder
  • Getting all legal documentation right
  • Home loan, insurance etc.

We thought why not take a journey where we make life simpler for nation builders all our Government sector employees and provide them the kind of homes they need along with choice of amenities and that too within their price points. Townsip born to take care of housing for nation builders!!!


  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Customer Satisfaction

Leadership Team

Ankush Tiwari

Advisory Board Member

Ankush Tiwari is a successful enterpreneur and very active in the start up world by acting as mentor, angel investors to start ups. His passion towards technology and differentiated thinking has helped lot of start ups with scaling. An expert when it comes to innovation and creating scalable businesses.

Ravi Kumar

Home Advisor

“Trade can be learnt, Trait cannot be taught.” Ravi is an engineering graduate from Army Institute of Technology, Pune and also a fellow at Seed program of Stanford Business School.

get in touch with us!

+91 78878 20000

Contact our headquarters to speak to a representative.


Contact our headquarters to speak to a representative.

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