Construction Quality

Our civil engineer along with his/her team will ensure about the quality of construction material, fittings, drainage system that your eyes may miss!

Water & Electricity supply

A bad water quality greatly affects our well-being and is a major source of water borne diseases. Likewise, frequent power cuts not only hinder with our daily routines but can be a cause of insomnia and anxiety. We at Townsip, ensure that the builder provides a continuous clean water and electricity supply in our customers housing.

Road Accessibility

We do not trust words, we trust documents. We make sure that the builder has proposed road connectivity and would be able to deliver in stipulated period of time. With Townsip, you will have a bump free road to your new home.

RERA Registration

At Townsip, we only register properties that have RERA registration. So, do not worry, just scroll through!


Multiple research papers suggest that a good neighbourhood increases the longevity as well as quality of life. At Townsip, we do not take chances. We bring together people from similar professional and economic strata, so that they share a safe, familiar environment and sometimes food.

With Townsip, you will have your friend in “Samne wali Khidki” and “Bagal wali Khidki”

Legal & Financial Aspects

Legal fights can be long and daunting. Buying a home with Townsip will provide you a privilege to be insured of all the legal aspects of your property by us. Additionally, Townsip collaborates with best of the banks to provide you a hassle-free home loan.


We do not list all properties for everyone, only selected few for the selected few.

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Invite more people to this community

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